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    May 15, 2013
    8:00 - 9:01pm PDT  

(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. tonight at 8. >> pam: a developing story out of santa clara county. a triple stabbing -- one woman and a one-year-old child have been killed. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. another child. a 3-year old girl. was also stabbed. she is now in the hospital. and police are now searching for a person of interest. this is a photo of ruben ramirez. who is believed to be a relative of the three victims. it is reported ramirez has mental health problems. and has had prior run-ins with authorities. >> pam: tonight -- kron4's alecia reid is live in santa clara county.
she has been following the tragic story. alecia what's the latest in the search for ramirez? >> reporter:i guess the car was going too fast. another san jose family coping with an unimaginable police say one woman came home and so all three victims stepped one-year-old did at the same for year-old woman deceived and its three-year-old and hospitals to stab wounds. although the suspect although the person of interest ramirez lives at
home he does serve he does surfaced the homeless communing shelters. ramirez is described as a hispanic man about 200 and tom tries with black hair. the victim was not the mother of the two children. police to read kron 4 news loss. >> reporter: this is a map of the area where the man had it's going on. the triple stabbing was on du mont ave and outside of the san jose city limits. not
far from james lick high school. right now being sought on dumont avenue at all these areas are blocked off with k nine units going house-to-house looking for the people who still is staffed and 1 year old boy world again, the one-year- old boy is deceased and a 40 year-old woman is deceased leaving a three year old in the hospital. >> pam: another san jose family coping with an unimaginable lossthis woman talks about the accident that killed a little girl and sent her aunt to the hospital. >>my aunt, she pushed the two year old so she wouldn't get hit. but she couldn't. she couldn't help my other little cousin and she died
(crying) instantly. (crying) >> pam: tonight we are learning more about the south bay child hit by a car and killed. the victim was a five- year theftsthe incident happened in san jose yesterday afternoon. near parkview elementary school. the girl's aunt and two-year-old sister were also hurt. kron 4's rob fladeboe spoke to neighbors who say. they're concerned about how fast cars travel on the street where the child was hit and killed. >> reporter: there are some signs here to warn drivers there's a school just ahead but there's no speed limit posted, no speed bumps or over-head lights. jan crawford says what happened to aileen quiroz was an accident waiting to happen. >> when i take my dog for a walk and stan at the crosswalk and about eight
times the 10 people do not stop for pedestrians. >> reporter: police could not immediately confirm whether bluefield avenue is among the city's known traffic 'hotspots,' but neighbor manny medina, who stopped by the growing shrine to pay his respects, says this has become a popular shortcut for drivers dodging heavy traffic on nearby capitol expressway. >> they get off the expressway in coming to the residential street july the same speed limit, i believe. >> reporter: that his aileen, her sister and aunt was questioned and released. he was not cited for speeding. it's not yet clear or whether the victims were actually in the but phil hennessy, who lives right in front of the accident scene says bluefield avenue is a speedway at times. >> this is like the backs creek back street of talladega people just lie down this road! >> reporter:aileen's pre- school classmates at nearby parkview elementary saw grief counselors the shrine just down from aileen's house where her
distraught aunt juana added her voice to the chorus for drivers to slow down. >> (crying) why are people not driving slow? >> reporter: >> pam: search crews found the body of the missing south san francisco girl this morning in clear lake. divers found mikaela lynch's body. in a creek near her parents vacation home late wednesday morning. the 9- year old girl, with a severe form of autisim, went missing sunday. while playing with her brother in the yard. she wandered off when he went back into the house this surveillance photograph. shows the little girl running down the street it would be the last image >> pam: the town is in a state of shock as they try to cope with their deaths. >> just kept crying and
praying for her and (crying) >> reporter: news for of mckenna's stuff has just been almost unbearable. mchale le deseath. but mckay love that has shattered the town's heart and reeling and paying pain it will always be in the background >> it is a good thing that she has been found but a bad thing as well. i do apologize to the family it is just a sad situation.
>> reporter: people are stopping by to pay their respects to the family bay. they did not want to talk to the family and they just want it to pay respects and express how hard braking it is. >> just devastated, every one is just devastated. >> reporter: and clara lake kron 4 news. >> pam: the man behind the party bus of santa cruz. won't be partying any time soon. jon reno saint james was arrested today after being indicted on manslaughter charges stemming from an incident last july. a 25-year-old woman --
natasha noland -- died, when she and another passenger fell out of a side door of the bus, onto highway 17, near los gatos. the other passenger survived. a grand jury found that saint james showed negligence in overseeing the maintenance of his company's bus and ensuring the passengers' safety. if convicted of the charges, saint james faces a maximum of six years in prison. >> pam: the 2013 tour of california cycling race. wrapped up its fourth stage today in santa barbara. the race has a total of eight stages. and the final three will be held here in the bay area this weekend. kron 4's charles clifford stage 6 of the tour of california begins at 1pm thursday afternoon.. south of san jose.. here near morgan hill. this is actually a time trial. >> reporter: from the start line riders will venture out into the country side passing by the cinnabar golf course and chesbro reservoir. then they turn north and finish this 20 mile stage with a climb up metacalf road. >> reporter: stage 7 is 92 miles long and
begins at 11:30 am on saturday morning near downtown livermore. bikers will pedal north into the hills of east contra costa county. then they turn east towards the town of byron before looping back to livermore. riders will then face what may be the most challenging climb of the entire tour. they will have to race up this winding road to the 3800 foot summit of mt diablo. >> reporter: the tour of california, is 80.7 miles long. it begins in san francisco.. here at the marina green... at 8:15am sunday morning. >> reporter: golden gate bridge will be temporarily closed down as riders head north. after crossing the bridge the race will turn west and follow highway one through stinson beach and marin county. riders then turn east into sonoma for a sprint to the finish in downtown santa rosa. organizers estimate that the race will finish around 11:30 am on sunday morning. >> reporter: here in san francisco on sunday morning which is also the same day as this year's bay to breakers footrace, which begins at 7am. so, if your headed to san francisco sunday morning be aware that traffic delays could be
problem. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: antioch was down 15 degrees from what we saw yes to that done in the south bay los 70 also in oakland cooler temperatures near the coast line. we also see a storm breaking through in the south bay area also looking at maureen and wind. bouncing around because been tied kind of breezy out there to then expect increasing clouds tonight. with slight chance of showers. our extended
reca ahead, not >> pam: also coming up on foreign kron4 news wildfire burning working tried to contain the blaze. plus police pull over a man a routine traffic stop and find dangerous items inside his car. and global spic keynote address at its high tech expo this morning. state to and that's next on kron ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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>> reporter: developing tonight is a of fire the fire is up to 3,000 a. right
nowfrazier park, calif. - firefighters are using heavy national forest. ke county firepokesman have burned in frazier park, where kern and los angeles counties meet. fiv air tankers and four helicopters were making drops thursday on the fire that started about 1:30 p.m. a high school was evacuated as a precaution. wilford says the fire is seasonal grasses and sage. it has not reached the line. winds are about 10 mph with gusts to 20 mph. firefighters from kern, ventura and los angeles counties, the bureau of land a brush fire in kern county, california, has grown to up to three-thousand acres. the fire burning in kern county forced the evacuation state park. fire officials containment as of this evening. the fire fight is tomorrow morning as winds pick up. no word yet on what reported. >> pam: in los angeles -- police arrested a man after the suspect's culver city more explosive devices.. four buildings were evacuated and several blocks closed off. this comes after officers night -- and found a clear liquid with explosive in his car. the suspect's name has not yet been released.
state of arizona we the jury upon our old to find that the aggravating factor has been proven >> pam: the death penalty. a jury in phoenix convicted her last week of first- degree murder for stabbing, shooting and nearly decapitating her ex- boyfriend. travis alexander. five years ago. that same jury today found the murder met the standard for being "exceptionally cruel." the the case will now move to the sentencing phase. >> pam: it will give the defense the opportunity to ask the jury to spare arias' life. >> pam: the internal revenue service is taking serious blow-back for targeting conservative groups. addressing the media earlier today , mister obama says the i-r-s's actions were quote "inexcusable." the president also says new safeguards will be used to prevent actions like this from happening again.
>>first we're going to hold accountable. yesterday i directed secretary lew to follow up on the audit and find out who was responsible and to make sure that we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of irs. controversy surrounding this audit, it's important to institute new leadership that can help restore confidence going forward. >> pam: however, critics of the administration aren't satisfied. house speaker john boehner says laws were broken.and that those responsible should be sent to jail. >> pam: has ordered an investigation into the matter. r more disturbing details coming out in the investigation of the kidnap >> jacqueline: more cloud cover and fog showers in the morning hours. trier
conditions expected by saturday and warmer conditions trendy into sunday. we have oneto that passes to the north and then a reinforcing wave coming through in to the morning. by 4:00 tomorrow morning during kobe to the north of us. to do think we will see the light showers some of the golden gate an entire bay area and to the later hours. futures forecast, not very enthusiastic about throwing but we do still have potential racial hours until about noon. a little bit of soul but to but not very widespread or heavy and it should taper off until the evening with a slight chance of we were sprinkles through the night on thursday.
continuing: for what we saw today in the lower 60s may be some seventh a list of aurora else. cool shower tomorrow trending into friday have sort of the transition day cloud coverage and warmer temperatures are in time for data breakers. the starting line if you are a running if you are an early run and you will see some fault attaches. dan sunny skies. over the coastline sunny skies for most runners here along the coast. and remember you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> pam:
>> pam: google beat apple on this one they unveiled a new streaming music service during their keynote address today at their annual tech show in san francisco. the three day event called google i=o brings together six thousand android developers. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate was there this morning and shows us the highlights of this new music service. >> reporter: to the store and organize your music and here in the music you do not on own hit any time by streaming through google place store. unlimited access to music like spot a fight at pandora or idea. the all access streaming
service features a google search bar at the top the service will try to learn your music taste and serve with the music you like. yuca look ahead and see what you like and if you do not like it nneka swiped the song away. to also revealed a product about conversation that last lick with people that you like. and messaging app for android and apple products that incorporate pictures and videos with group video calling. to have group conversations with friends and families that last a long time. these are running conversations that last for weeks and months. is like building a private social network. in that conversation and everyone in
that conversation will be dropped into a video chat to gave slate kron 4 news. >> gary: bad news for days and bad news for the giants ! later in this broadcast >> pam: and were now just four days away from day from bay to breakers. this sunday may 19th at starting at 8:00 a.m. kron4 is we're now just four days away from bay to breakers. sponsored by craigslist. kron4 will bring you the san francisco original race from start to finish. this sunday may, 19th. starting at 8am. also -- kron4 is offering a chance for you to win a free entyr into this year's bay to breakers. today is the final day to register! visit our website -- kron4- dot-com for details.
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with police caught on video a constitutional video where some people are seeing the officers went to far. [ birds chirping ]
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>> pam: a triple stabbing one moment and a 10 child has been killed this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. another child a three-year low has also been stabbed she is in the hospital. the police is looking for a person up interest group and cora eight believed to be a family member of the victims. elise to read this app live at the scene with the latest details alecia? >> reporter: pam this is a very active crime scene. if you look behind the knee there are lots of police. he
is a family member and a person of interest. a step wounds, two of them were pronounced dead at the scene. a one-year-old boy and a 40 year-old woman. three year-old girl is in the hospital, her condition is unknown. pact it is unclear if the children lived at the home. police are familiar with him because they say they have been called to the house on previous occasions and states that he is mentally ill. please freak kron 4 news >> reporter: a
video on authority is going final check this out. the study police and train and home and at least two officers using a taser on a man in the home. they kicked down the door actually a neighbor can't call the police because as a disturbance. the people what in the home and police tried to get them to come out and they would not you can watch for yourself. >> are you going to come inside, are you glad to come inside? are you going to commence my house without an war? >> there is no domestic violence here there is no domestic violence! >> martial law has not been martial law has not been stated in this country in summation.
>> you take my door down you kicked my door down! you kicked my door down as phonation. >> do not touch her do not touch your to not touch her you are assaulting her! >> screens screams >> then it goes the black >> reporter: you concede some the was officers using his taser as well. the police chief tells the incident that occurred last week will have an assurance review to insure that policy was followed. >> pam: >> pam: the brother of young leila fowler appeared in a san andreas court today for the first time since charges were filed against him. in his sister's killing.
cameras were not allowed in today's court proceedings, but his family was seen just before entering the courthouse. lawyers for the 12-year-old boy accused of murder. say their client is innocent. >> pam: the 12 year old murder suspect did not show any signs of emotionbut did glance back at his parents a few times during the hearing. number of unanswered questions. >> how to the 12 year-old in such a way that would not lead to an immediate arrest ? >> pam: the 12 year old brother did not enter a plea today for the stabbing death of her sister, pictured on your screen. he will be kept in a juvenile facility until the next hearing. >> pam: an employee at a south san francisco bio-tech company was hurt during a flash fire this afternoon. an amgen spokesperson says there was a flammable liquid spill at the facility on veterans boulevard.
>> pam: the building was evacuated for a short time and one person was taken to a hospital. a fire official says the hazmat situation and fire was isolated to one section of the building. and there were no threats to other parts of the building or nearby structures >> pam: down the operation just after three this afternoon. >> pam: burglaries on the rise in the city of alameda. nearly a dozen in recent weeks, primarily in mid-town alameda, between willow street and fair oaks. the most recent case happened tuesday, just before 6pm. on the 2600- block of encinal ave. >> what we are seeing is that to mostly date time occurrences, of one of residence are not home. the suspects are in trade unlocked windows at also sing a few where they are kicking in the front door. >> pam: alameda police say, the taking small prily
electronics..including i- pads, cell phones, and laptops. investigators have no suspect information in these cases >> pam: two people were hurt in an apartment fire in redwood city. they are expected to be ok. it took firefighters hours to put out the flames. authorities say, the damage is so extensive that the units on the top floor. are un-inhabitable. now -- about 25 have been displaced by the fire. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> pam: in san jose, a fast- moving fire gutted two units at the campbell house apartments on phelps avenue. no one was home when flames were reported shooting from a 2nd story apartment shortly after 9 o'clock. the fire spread to a 3rd floor unit before it was brought under control. there were no injuries and no immediate word as to what caused the fire. >> jacqueline: cooler weather will continue until tomorrow with big changes in the forecast and rain and stated for tomorrow morning.
same thing again antioch san jose low 60s. it has also been very breezy out there. our winds have shifted directions dramatically over the last couple of days. winds are picking up and now seen 22 mi. per hour gusts and half moon bay in 18 out in livermore. we will see an increase in short clouds with showers will not expectorating not until late thursday morning. >> pam: disney world is looking into reports that some wealthy families are buying their way to the front of the lines. disney is the place where dreams come true -- but sometimes the waiting's the hardest part.
>> pam: the new york post reports rich parents are hiring disabled tour guides. to avoid waiting in long lines. the post quotes a mom who says "my daughter waited one minute to get on 'it's a small world' the other kids had to wait 2 1/2 hours. this is how the one percent do disney." disney says they're reviewing the situation and will take appropriate steps to deter this type of activity. >> pam: will be right that >look at them that [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip!
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>> pam: now for today's market update. investors nudged the stock market to all-time highs disappointing economic reports. investors shrugged off a slowdown in manufacturing last month. here are today's closing numbers. the dow rose 60 points. after it had been down much as 40 points in early trading. and nasdaq up 9 points. the s-&-p 500 gained 8 points. >> pam: it likely comes as
no surprise. that bay area home prices are rocketing higher. dataquick is reporting. in the 9- county bay area, the median price paid for a home. rose 17- percent from last month. 436- thousand dollars in march. to 510- thousand dollars in april. again, this is the median price, and as we know, many homes are selling for a lot more. >> pam: up to now the problem has been the shortage of homes for sale. but new at 8. kron 4's dan kerman tells us. >> reporter:if it looks like you're seeing more homes for sale it's not an illusion glen bell but realtor glen bell with better homes and gardens says those additional 400 homes for sale in alameda and contra costa county still aren't enough to help all the home buyers. >> if you are looking at a
small increase, typically in a typical year, you are looking at three died a thousand homes for sale. >> reporter:as a result prospective buyers are continuing to see multiple offers. with sales 10 to 20 percent over asking.this 2 bedroom 2 and a half bath west berkeley condo for example received 6 offers, sold for 25 percent over the asking price and the winning offer was all cash. these factors have made it so frustrating that some prospective buyers are dropping out but there may be some light at the end of >> reporter: realistic experts expect the number of homes for sale to increase as we make our way through the year and that is only good news for homebuyers and
berkeley kron 4 news >> pam: also new at 8. governor jerry brown's latest budget plan proposes a 17-billion dollar bump for california's k-through-12 schools over the next four years. duron gary has to sports coming up
>> pam: reminder brought to
you by craigslist renew the race from start to finish on may 19th >> jacqueline: temperatures tongue 15 degrees antioch it was 70 degrees 84 in santa rosa, but 80¢ for napa. tomorrow we will continue the coal and more changes at of cloud coverage and spotty showers tomorrow. warming trend will continue to sunday with data breakers forecast coming up. we will be getting some rain little waves here with futurecast on-line to the north of us to drive for any rain to hit the ground. by some as 6:00 in the morning rain for the
widespread bay area. and through the 2:00 all learn should become dry. sixties for the south the best 70's first cupertino and san jose. 71 antioch palo 64 ease the shores on the coastline in the '50s. sampras cisco a while. shourd tomorrow and colon. in to the weekend tran morning trend sunday for this for sunday the same thing. sunny skies as well. foggy conditions but clearing at around 9:00
a.m.. though their runners will seeing sunshine all the way through. remember you can cash the race here on kron 4 you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. got time (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: billionth app download. a's/rangers >> gary: alexi ogando pitching for moss swinging jesse chavez's 1st pitch to rangers ruz belted to left-
final: 6-2 rangers giants/jays path >> gary: j.p.arencebia fly to center misplayed by angel pagen and goes to the wall two runs scored opening up a five-run unearned off ryan vogelsong >> gary: arencebia hits a towering 2-run home run off vogelsong into the 2nd deck almost hit th façade giants outscored 219. the news for such criminal best ballplayers are fans reject the old relocation of the settlement copying to seattle >> you will see a situation where sacramento will be
changed for good. >> gary: nba owners voted 22-8 to keep kings in sacramento, blocking the maloof's bid to move the team to seattle for top dollar the league now plans to try and help facilitate a sale from the maloofs to the sacramento group which includes plans for a new downtown arena which eric spolstra >> gary: >> message remains the same first things first this is in no excuse basketball player will find a way to get it done. >> lexus said i am just looking for of game 6 and try to get through. >> gary: stuff curried and go
>> he's heard he, he does not want to use this as an excuse. he looks like he is heard. but he will play all the way through and not complain. >> gary: mark can really talk, he is a most of pitcher. tenneco still get to you through words when you're a professional athlete making big money? >> yes because there are a young team and they have not been here before they still can be influenced. >> gary: this is a children's book? >> yes. is about me growing up and i would like to
inspire and help kids find with the want to do with their passion dance. and been successful on >> gary: >> gary: oklahoma city tried to set up sales of elimination. >> gary: the half puts bulls up 64th quarter >> gary: dwyane wade takes over gets the big follow jam here 93-86 heat the oakland raiders have >> gary: so now the heat will await the winner for the eastern conference championship. >> gary: the raiders signed free agent kick returner josh cribbs to a one-year contract.cribbs' eight kickoff returns for touchdowns are tied with leon washington for the most in nfl histordid not have n
last season cribbs had been with the cleveland browns since signing as an undrafted free agent out of kent state in 2005. >> gary: when we return we look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. ra the tort of california if you are into bicycles fans in odd costumes chasing the riders near ojai as they go 84 miles from santa to santa barbara riders come through montecito on the way to santa barbara riders sprint to the finish line on cabrillo between
>> gary: winner is tylar farrar of the united states!!! over all lead and yellow jersey retained by janier acevedo of colombia tomorrow: santa barbara to avila beach >> gary: the retirement of a long career in a failed system when to retire he did not say he wanted to spend more time with his family, because he does now have on. retire at age of 23 (laughter) >> gary: stated that he would go to the ball to mayor baltimore but apparently that did not
happen at the age of 23 retires >> pam: we will see the
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